sweet Wee 28 466x466 Sweet Week #28

There was perhaps a little too much with # foodporn in the on Instagram in the past week. But come on, it was so sweaty hot that went mañana and ice-coffee in the brew-bathing was the only one who could handle the brain.

# Hapsen is fresh and ready for the holidays, where he rounds a half years!. I do slowly ready to take on the desktop of Loft03 again, and look forward to deepening and lots of new jobs come crashing. Hooray for that.

On the blog, there were blue and bluer, and then we tested the impossible - a nice gas grill.

Forgive if this gets a little quieter the next few weeks - keep on Instagram and have a beautiful and sweet week!

Love Laura

IMG 0248 466x466 Projekt Tagterrasse # 3   grillfeber

When we switched parcel with elevator and terrace were to the balcony was a nice new needs - a gas grill! But come on k *** where are they ugly. I refused to invest close to £ 1,500 on something that looks like a space rocket from Big Nerd. And yet. As I got the offer to test a Cobb Gas grills, and started a little mind.

IMG 0242 001 466x467 Projekt Tagterrasse # 3   grillfeber

Cobb'en differs mainly in several respects from other grills. The developer does not heat the outside and can stand directly on the table, or in a boat. In principle it is a compact charcoal grill, but can also be used with a paella pan, a wok pan and several other kinds of extras that make it a bit into a mini outdoor kitchen.

P1130450 466x466 Projekt Tagterrasse # 3   grillfeber

It runs on the small cylinders (3-4 hours of grilling) and is thus a very small grill. This in combination with the non-heating, make it very mobile - or should be. For I miss a handle or a strap or a handle, so that in a jiffy could slide down to Havnebaddet and grilling a poop.

IMG 0239 466x468 Projekt Tagterrasse # 3   grillfeber

I have - quite stupid - never grilled in my life until now. For now runs it for me. Steaks with fine stripes, sausages and my beloved zucchini slices with olive oil and crumbled feta on top afterwards. I have yet to try their hand at roast or chicken and vegetable packages in metal trough under the grate. But that is exactly the point. The gas grill is quick, which is brilliant when it comes to get food on the table 17:30. And then the bigger long-term fried pieces get the ball in the cottage.

2014 07 08 17.50.43 466x466 Projekt Tagterrasse # 3   grillfeber

And how is it? It is first of all nice - and I forgive much. It's small, which is perfect for balconies life. I miss a hook to hang the lid on, for it is one and flutter a little silly with. And I think the cover is a little thin in the metal. Grill forehead, is easy to remove for washing inside. In short, it does the job and is fine for what it is, namely grilling small fast grab me.

SweetTip: Cobb is also available for coal, which will be used only 8 briquettes for grilling a whole chicken because of its compact design. It was developed in South Africa to Townships'ne so that no fire occurred in the densely populated area.

PS: You can make popcorn in wokgryden. and bake ... That I know someone who looks forward to.

DSC 00282 466x466 True Blue   nyheder i blåt

There are colors that will not let go. And my crush on blue has now lasted several years.

Right now it should be a dazzlingly bright, almost electric - cobalt. It has a freshness that can take over neon color space: as a small informative detail, in the middle of everything neat and black / white. At the same time the well in the company of the metals nor will loosen its grip.

At the top of a sneak preview of Ferm Living's Christmas collection which we will return to when it's not so muggy. Megapæn `sprinkled 'tablecloth and napkin.

elskeland wallhanger 466x467 True Blue   nyheder i blåt

I must soon surrender and buy a tapestry, or in this case a wall decoration. I see them everywhere, and if you are quick you can make good coup on Loppis before others discover the trend. But promise me not to copy (and sell) this heart-pounding beautiful edition, which I've spotted in Elkeland . Ida's version available in blue or white colored merino wool, suspended in copper, and is coming into her shop.

snor image mail 466x466 True Blue   nyheder i blåt

And finally there is a new design from Helbak. Her new pattern string going to be found in the familiar butter box and lågkrukkeserien August. Prices start at £ 279 Lovely with news from Malene's hand!

Sweet Week # 27

July 6, 2014 / / children , design , decor

sweet week 27 466x466 Sweet Week # 27

With the big kid on grandma holiday, the small nap on in the box and the first havnedyp in the house, summer holidays in sight. To do list is not all the way, but there's just one week to get the last crossing.

The week has gone on photo jobs, nursery furniture and roof terrace on the blog. And yes, there is also a winner of the Kähler Anniversary vase on the road in the post here.

See you on Instagram here and be sure to follow the blog on Bloglovin if you do not want to miss this summer's post.

Have a beautiful and wonderful week. Sweets / Laura

IMG 0207 001 466x466 Projekt Tagterrasse # 2

Can you be in love with a roof?
I think I am. And in the wall for that matter. The old stone and beautiful brick doing so well to everything new. Luner in the back and is beautiful to look at. Here at the fifth continues patio indretteriet, and especially plant fisheries.

IMG 0215 001 466x466 Projekt Tagterrasse # 2

The wind at the top - and the wharf. Then there had to shelter. And after some back and forth we end in a solution that is somewhat rustic and quite recovered. Just in from my usual style - with the rustic understood - but again it requires new construction and not as exciting floor any opponent from natural materials and patinated wood.

IMG 0218 001 466x465 Projekt Tagterrasse # 2

The rather large area had to be broken and fitted. Then made ​​"space" - the den so you might here. And now the time had come to "dining room". But first, the walls are built.

The trip went first to Rebuild after two slaves or planks, as some call it. They are good for carrying large containers and boxes. So there should shoppes old flower boxes. You can find them in many places. Hugo and I found them in the vegetable market.

IMG 0212 001 466x465 Projekt Tagterrasse # 2

Feet are two boxes, then a bond and at the top a "grid" of flower boxes, arranged so that the wind can pass, and the system takes up as much as possible, but without taking the fine views. The boxes are screwed into the slave to make them where they are. I have nowhere moved a board from the rear to the front, to keep on the ground.

The boxes are filled with herbs and stuff that smells nice: Chives, orange roof, basil, mint, duftgeranium and little pink daisies mm.

IMG 0208 001 466x466 Projekt Tagterrasse # 2

And the tomatoes we must not forget. You should we have! This year we have 4 buckets. The new fine square black buckets that I found in the sisters Branches . Always open-air varieties, and they are good this year. We also have a squash, much to the delight of Ella, who eagerly picking. A jar of rhubarb was also used.

IMG 0225 001 466x466 Projekt Tagterrasse # 2

FLEXA Play Roomsetting 018 466x466 Flexa Play   børnemøbler til hele familien

It's no secret that we need
- To talk about how we live with children. I meet very often parents who refuse to have toys etc. in other rooms than in the nursery, and I could not disagree more!

FLEXA Play Roomsetting 028 466x466 Flexa Play   børnemøbler til hele familien

In my opinion, children almost claim, at least entitled to their own square meters in every room. They are members of the family on an equal footing with adults. Do not forget that we are social animals and that children need to be quite large before they prefer to be alone. Making a virtue of necessity; low a corner with fine, somewhat neutral furniture and give them space for toys and kreagrej. Ask requirements for order and regular replacement, and see that they feel taken seriously and heard.

flexa 466x466 Flexa Play   børnemøbler til hele familien

You might therefore guess that I warmly welcome the new collection from Flexa welcome. With table, stool, single bed, bookshelf and crib, and a storage drawer on wheels, most children's needs covered.

FLEXA Play Roomsetting 058 466x466 Flexa Play   børnemøbler til hele familien

The color range is to be expected, with lovely muted sorbet shades. A gray had done well, and some might miss variety.

FLEXA Play Roomsetting 027 466x466 Flexa Play   børnemøbler til hele familien

All furniture is made of ash wood and painted surfaces and small 'feet' on the legs. I am excited to see the furniture in reality. Do you live in Copenhagen, I know that Illums Bolighus veludstyreder children's department gets the products.

Prices start at £ 399 for the stool. Cot costs £ 3,399 ex. mattress.

SweetTip: Check out the many fine details of FLEXA collection, designed by Charlotte Høncke, in the film here.

Sweet Week # 26

June 29, 2014 / / children , design , event

Sweetweek 26 The Sweet Spot 466x466 Sweet Week # 26

Very happy, tired and full of joy
Our little H went toe in his mouth and was today celebrated with high spirits and beautiful gifts. Thanks for the many greetings.

The week is beyond the pale blue balloons, going on visits to Frederiksberg cabinetmakers giveaway with Kähler prizes and kick off the autumn Formland upgraded blog . You can follow it all on Instagram , Facebook and here on the blog.

Have a beautiful and sweet week - it is nearing holiday time?

Sweets / Laura

HAY Talent Award logo final 466x468 Hay Talent Award på Formland UPgraded

687 aspiring designers featured in, and only 34 got through the needle eye.

The dream for all of them was to attend HAY Talent Award - the largest talent competition that literally becomes a city within a city when Formland Upgraded fair opens its doors in August.

"The City" - or rather HAY Camp, where the elect will spend the night and during development, are inhabited by young, talented design students from around the world. Each designer is staging his house into a mini version of their competition project.

Among the many students, each exhibiting a product are just one winner, who takes from Formland upgraded with the entire 15,000 Euro. Winner will be announced at the fair's opening day - Thursday, August 14 at. 13.30. You can as visitors at the fair of course meeting the many young talents and engage in dialogue with them about design and trends.

Award jury 466x466 Hay Talent Award på Formland UPgraded

Photo: HAY & Mads Arlien-Soeborg

The choice is all submitted projects were assessed by an international jury. Who had just been a fly on the wall when Stefan Diez (DE), Scholten & Baijings (NL), Andressen & Voll (NO), Big Game (CH), Sebastian Wrong (UK) and Doshi Levien (UK) recently met to a workshop with the Danish organizers Rolf and Mette Hay (GB) and trend expert Mads Arlien-Soeborg (GB).

Mads Arlien-Soeborg says: "The level among the submitted were generally high, which bodes well for the future. It's a unique opportunity to see how students from different countries working on the design and what elements and values ​​of the different schools emphasize. "

FormlandUp14 jury collage 466x466 Hay Talent Award på Formland UPgraded

Some might ask what a halfuld experimental young students were doing in use art fair in Herning? Rolf Hay, designer and founder of HAY explains: "The purpose of HAY Talent Award is to create a dialogue between the growing layer and design industry."

"We have as fair a keen interest in to give buyers a glimpse into the future of design," says project manager for Formland upgraded, Henriette Træholdt and concludes "it is our duty to promote design at all levels, and we look forward to this new initiatives "

SweetTIP: HAY Camp is also the setting for events, restaurant and cafe in the hall along with HAY's own exhibition and new shopping concept Mini Market, which debuted in Milan during the design week. (So, yes you can go shopping!)

The post has been created in collaboration with Formland upgraded, all words, content and enthusiasm are my own

Kähler GA thesweetspotdk1 466x466 Sweet Give Away   Jubilæumsvase fra Kähler

Thanks for the many many fine bid for bouquets and favorite flowers! I got acute urge to fill vases and glass with sommerbebudere and peonies. We have a safe happy winner who is:

112 Bisgård Rikke Sørensen
Congratulations, send me an email with your address.
Thank you for Kähler for the prize!


Penetrates we not to treat?

How little pre-holiday candy - with fine stripes in bling.

We play on Kählers beautiful anniversary vase, designed by the great women behind the still life. All you have to do to contribute with what you want to put in the vase. Leave a comment below + follow blog Bloglovin'her.

We draw lots among flowers bids
be placed within Tuesday, July 1 at. 12
The competition is over.
The winner will be published here.

Sweet Luck and thanks to Kähler

SweetTip: As always, there is good karma and gratitude your way, if you share the sweet message of giveAwayen on Facebook, Instagram, your blog and where you go. Thank you <3

Sweet Week # 25

June 22, 2014 / / children , DIY , shopping

sweetWeek 25 the sweet spot 466x465 Sweet Week # 25

My mouth has a hard time saying no, and # hapsen think life is a party.
The two things together makes time Aalt the button. But we have fun.

Yesterday was midsommar, and the nights are bright - believe me when I say that you do not need to turn on a lamp when you need to get up at. 4 every night. Tomorrow is turned sct. his fires, and although it's a bit sad to light now facing, it is a fine symbol of that summer really is here. The beautiful long.

The week saw the launch of T Town at the Standard, Anders Arhøj ceramics on the blog, and a playdate with I Love Beauty, as we return to later in the summer.

In Instagram's baby spam, coffee breaks and sunsets. , we can follow right here.

See you next week - sea a beautiful one, and enjoy mid-summer.

Love Laura