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Magazine Living

April 9, 2014 / / design , events , shopping

Eksterne Living 2 466x466 Magasin Living

You may right now be lucky to get your hands on free goodies on tap.

I'm talking of course about Magasin new magazine Living. It is from the middle to the end, really stopped with beautifully styled images and a commercial ease that makes one want to buy. Respect, for it is not an easy discipline.

Eksterne Living 3 466x466 Magasin Living

The number of pages containing both the environmental setups and many small quiet leg, including from the store's well-equipped kitchen area.

Eksterne Living 4 466x466 Magasin Living

Eksterne Living 5 466x466 Magasin Living

I have chosen to pick the powder, salmon, pastel look pictures presented under themes such as Go Green, Culturemix and Match Up. (And it's an aesthetic pleasure that the ads fit, thank you!)

Eksterne Living 6 466x466 Magasin Living

There is a special edition with shopping links here and you can scroll through the entire magazine online here

Eksterne Living 7 466x466 Magasin Living

- And no, I'm not sponsored by the magazine. Just excited about a shop produces images of as high format (now that most print media brings most press photos)

Eksterne Living 8 466x466 Magasin Living

SweetTip: You can win 10,000 Euros which you can use in the housing department if you win Instagram competition here!

Milan Preview

April 8, 2014 / / Design , Event

muuto 1 Milano Preview Photo: Muuto, Gubi, Normann Cph, Fritz Hansen

There's a party in Milan - Furniture Party
But you should of course not be cheated, so here's a sneak peek at a large handful of news from the major Danish players on the court.

Style and styling is fine, bordering on the classic. The colors are bright salmon at one end and deep marine in the other. What is your favorite?

Top new sofa from Muuto . Soft Blocks couch designed by Norwegian Petter Skogstad.

Analog 3 478 466x464 Milano Preview

Drop 2 466x466 Milano Preview

Fritz Hansen relaunches Drop by Arne Jacobsen, and launches the table Analog by Jamie Hayon

Milan Invite 1 466x466 Milano Preview

Simon Legald draw on with good lines and styles for Normann Copenhagen

gubi 466x466 Milano Preview

GamFratesi expanding port following the Gubi with new versions of their Beetle chair and a series of flimsy tables with marmortop

muuto 2 466x466 Milano Preview

Muuto 's Visu series makes a bar stool, this beautifully photographed on the Standard.

sweet wek 13 466x466 Sweet Week # 14

I am completely sold on my right new hood, and enjoy Copenhagen as never before.

Even after 23 years in the city I love and find new corners to marvel and rejoice in # voreskbh, and hurray where does this new little pocket perfect for our lives right now. I roll a race with the other maternity ladies and can not get enough of heaven here on the 5th Look into my # 2300IB on Instagram ligeher.

On the blog this week we checked shop, housing reportage , spring catalog and cultural temptations of, and the week coming, we need to include testing a new camera and look at a magazine.

Follow also on the Facebook page where we share stockholding, fast entirety and coffee breaks.

Have a beautiful and sweet week.


Spring Sweets

April 3, 2014 / / DIY , design , event

presse 2 466x466 Spring Sweets

With April's coming, there will soon be genuine spring in the air.

I have a great desire for culture, coffee on a staircase and love letters cut with scissors. Here are four fine estimate of the kind. Just enough for a weekend.

Top beautiful poster from the new exhibition in PB43, with SPRING , a variant of the spring exhibition.

popup Spring Sweets

Same place on the second floor you will find pop shop for Hamide which has its own subtle poetic graphics

mc14 n l andersen 01 524x524 466x466 Spring Sweets

Are you heading to Milan furniture fair (or dreaming of it) you'll have to Mind Craft participate Nikoline Liv Andersen's little upsetting, but beautiful sculptures here.

camcam 466x463 Spring Sweets

Equal time for bunnies, see the fine framed from CamCam here .

Have a beautiful and sweet weekend.
/ Love Laura

PKLT.12.11 466x467 Boligreportage Lotte Fynboe OyOy
It was quite at the other end of the country
(And so not far from my original home) But I knew it was worth the trip. For Lotte from Oyoy has a special lucky hand when it comes to design, and I guessed she lived just fine.

PKLT.12.05 466x467 Boligreportage Lotte Fynboe OyOy

Sure enough, fine and large and with a sweet story that rhyme Italy and family ties that will matter. 2 floors. beautiful hall and staircase, company, dog and three children in a beautiful beautiful house.

PKLT.12.16 466x466 Boligreportage Lotte Fynboe OyOy

See, inter alia, Lotte's amazing checkered bedroom floor and check out her paintings (yes, because she can) and a lot more pictures of the new Housing magazine which is published Thursday.

PKLT.12.20 466x466 Boligreportage Lotte Fynboe OyOy

Yes we can can

April 1, 2014 / / children , DIY , design , shopping

 Yes we can can

When your website is called Yes We Can Can , it can only be a celebration

Canfamilien loves cats, and diagonal stripes that look like candy and hands in colors and

 Yes we can can

The good news is that they now have an online shop where you can buy posters, postcards and a few clothes, and in general be lured into their little shop in Tullinsgade. As one could also drink coffee and buy flowers and

 Yes we can can

 Yes we can can

SweetTip: This event looks just so beautiful out that I am considering letting my kids stay home even going to cut and paste ...

paaskes 466x466 Yes we can can

Summer dreams

March 31, 2014 / / design , interior design , shopping

10 001 466x466 Summer dreams

I am totally sold in location and atmosphere in these pictures

They give me dreams of coral nail polish shots with mint, sand in bed, freckles on his nose, dew on the grass and a nap in the hammock. So finely created. The room, the lines, the mood and products play max together and scream for summer. I have to hunt for a daybed to the balcony.

Shop and check it all out here at Tine K Home.

sweet monday / Laura

00 001 466x467 Summer dreams

50 001 466x465 Summer dreams

34 001 466x466 Summer dreams

17 001 466x465 Summer dreams

Sweet Week # 13

March 30, 2014 / / children , DIY , Wellness

sweet week uge 13 466x466 Sweet Week # 13

With a dream of sun on sore shoulders,
we packed the world's largest suitcases and went to warm countries. - Which so happily turned out to be ok sunny. Oldest child was happy both hotel mystery and ice cream every day. Baby child was heard from, but fell to gradually and shoulders fell into place when the week was coming to an end.

On the blog, it was delicious to surplus stock, where there are still a few pieces left and a small summary of my favorite posters pt.

Back home, the sun is shining too sweet, and today's Instagram-roll praised blooming trees and summer longing in the stomach. Kudo to both. Have a beautiful and sweet week out there. See you on the blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Love, Laura

Translucent Egg Spectrum Skull 466x466 Sweet Post(er)

There is hardly a day without I get emails about new graphics.

- And I salute them all welcome, for it is a joy to watch both undergrowth, upcoming and more established brands go wild on it a little more informal paper. And thoughtful that it is precisely in the printed media we see life and happy days, now that we sit behind the screen.

By the court in this case and very successful kind seen on top news from the Paper Collective, and their Translucent Egg by Greg Eason

Copycollage 466x466 Sweet Post(er)

Also check Copy Collage and Lone Tommerups fine grid graphics

mc14 a f moeller 01 524x524 466x466 Sweet Post(er)

In the artistic and spherical end is a textile artist Anne Fabricius Møller's work - Street Print - selected for Danish Crafts - Mind Crafts collection on the way to the Milan Furniture Fair.

rite 02 466x466 Sweet Post(er)

Rite 2 - a beautiful and dreamy spunk from Elkelands universe.

col4 milford sound astrid asmussen 466x466 Sweet Post(er)

Eternal Good and varied ArtRebels, the photo artist Astrid Asmussen and her alluring surrelistiske nature in the shed.

2804 1 466x468 Sweet Post(er)

Finally, in the most abstract - and yet practical end, with natural color gradient lines of Wiik and Gliese .

SweetTip: Send me an email if you want to share yours. (- Subject to the bustle and baby joy, it is not certain I answer asap, nor bring it to the blog)

Get ready

March 25, 2014 / / Design , Event

rice 466x466 Get ready INVITATION  466x466 Get ready kahler 466x466 Get ready Udklip Get ready

14 15 PdB Foraèrsbazar A4 012 466x466 Get ready